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Power Logistics provides on-going training to all employees to help keep them abreast with the latest technology and skills and also provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge for them to grow in their job capacity and beyond. Over the years, Power Logistics has delivered the right logistical solutions to our clients by fully leveraging our team members’ vast local knowledge and international experience – direct results of our team members continuous efforts and dedication.


Power Logistics has solid experience in handling international shipments as well as expertise about the specific demands in the ever-growing Bangladesh Market. In combination with the experienced multilingual staff and a global network, Power Logistics serves clients in all corners of the world with 15 years operations, Power Logistics has the experience and foresight to provide our clients the most efficient and dependable solutions, yet, the Power Logistics team will never cease to deliver what is promised to our clients.


At Power Logistics, we strive to be the preferred choice for companies doing business in Bangladesh . By staying true to our service, we have grown with our clients. The growing numbers of clients and their needs for more attentive service have lead to our rapid and strategic coverage in Bangladesh and our extensive coverage of the world by being very reputed forward all over the world.

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